Electric Unicycle Buying Guide 2019: Which Wheel Is Right For You?


InMotion's electric unicycle lineup is sleek, modern, and uniform - but there are some pretty large differences between them. So which one is the best model for you?

The most important thing to consider is your intended usage habits. Urban commuters may have drastically different needs compared to those who seek pure outdoor adventure and exploration. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where do I plan to ride on a regular basis, and how much room do I have to stow my wheel throughout the day?
  2. What's the length of the longest round-trip distance I would ever need to cover on a regular basis?
  3. Will I ride primarily on streets, bike lanes, or pathways?
  4. Payload: what is my net weight including all gear carried or worn?
  5. Terrain: Steep hills? Off road?

Size Comparison

V10 / V10F

Performance King

V10 Product Page

This is by far our most powerful, fastest, and longest range electric unicycle. But that doesn't mean it's the obvious choice for everyone, as all that range and power adds to the overall weight, size, and price. However, for those seeking incredible performance, V10 manages to do all of this in a remarkably thin and sleek package. These important considerations also make V10 as comfortable to ride as it is exhilarating. With its large cushioned pedals and advanced firmware ride mode customizations, there is a very noticeable upgrade in ride quality that makes it the clear choice for anyone seeking the most advanced model. If you more speed, range, and raw power, this is the wheel for you.

Payload Recommendation: Up to ~220lbs for great performance. Structural support is rated up to 260lbs by InMotion, but riders above the 200 - 220 lbs range will start to notice some degraded performance in speed and range.

V8 / Glide 3

Best All-Arounder & Bang For Your Buck

V8 Product Page

V8 (formerly sold as Solowheel Glide 3) is our most popular model - and for a good reason. While not our newest model, it packs in tons of innovative and convenient features that were way ahead of its time when first released. V8 is considered the best all-around choice by so many because packs a powerful punch that satisfies most riders' needs - and it does so an attractive price point. V8 is just small, slim, and light enough that you can still take it with you nearly anywhere and fits into most gym lockers. V8's lighter weight also means that this wheel is more nimble and responsive compared to V10. Even though it's not as powerful as its bigger sibling, riders will notice that it gives a more punchy acceleration right off the bat as well as a shorter stopping distance.

Payload Recommendation: Up to ~200lbs for good performance, under 180lb for top performance. Structural support is rated up to 260lbs by InMotion, but riders above 180lbs will start to notice degraded performance in speed and range. In challenging environments with frequent hill climbing, we recommend riders over 200lbs choose V10 for the best experience.

V5F / Glide 2

Champion Of Portability, Lowest Price Point

Glide 2 Product Page

Looking for something ultra-portable? V5F is the smallest electric unicycle InMotion makes, but the 14" tire is still large enough to offer a very smooth ride. This model also offers the most affordable entry-point into our world of electric unicycles, and for many, the speed and range is perfectly adequate for their needs. Others may eventually wish to upgrade to V8 or V10 for more range and speed after the initial learning phase. However, in urban environments where portability is king and the V5F serves as a last-mile solution, it's hard to beat this small form factor. While the power, range, and speed are noticeably less compared to InMotion's larger models, it is still very capable of providing a safe and stable ride for adults within our payload guidelines. With the same safety warning system of it's two bigger siblings, V5F will let you know when you are pushing the limits of the hardware, but riders should always remember it's still possible to overpower the system if caution is not taken in riding habits.

Payload Recommendation:  Structural support is rated up to 260lbs by InMotion, but for payloads of 180lbs or more, we recommend V8 or V10 - especially in challenging environments such as hill climbing or colder ambient temperatures.



Model V10 / V10F V8 / Glide 3 V5F / Glide 2
Range (max potential) 40-60 miles 25-30 miles 20-25 miles
Speed (max potential) 25mph 19mph 16mph
Motor Power 2000W (V10F), 1800W (V10) 800W 550W
Recommended rider weight for top performance 200lbs or less 180lbs or less 160lbs or less
Dimensions 24" H x 7.5" W (16" W pedals unfolded) 20" H x 7" W (15" W pedals unfolded) 18.5" H x 7" W (15" W pedals unfolded)
Weight 45 lbs 30 lbs 25 lbs
Intelligent Safety Tilt-Back yes yes yes
Tire Size 16" x 2.5" 16" x 1.95" 14" x 2.125"
Push Handle fold up style retractable luggage style fold up style
Headlight brightest bright bright
Rear Light yes, responds to braking yes yes
Side Lights yes, customizable yes, customizable no
Built-in Speakers system events and music system events system events
Customize Sounds yes yes yes
Bluetooth data and music streaming data data
Compatible W/ App yes yes yes
Customize Ride Mode 2 ride modes, pedal sensitivity, pedal angle pedal angle adjustment pedal angle adjustment
Ride Stats & Efficiency in App yes yes yes
Price $1299 / $1599 $899 $649

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  • I want to upgrade because my two tire Swagroller has a 9 mph top speed. I’m over 70 so i thought i needed the stability. Well i really need Speed and range now that i know i love riding. So v8 shold do it.

    Donald Berry

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