InMotion App Update: 3 Interesting New Features

By Jeffrey Will, Experience Manager


You may have noticed we recently released a large update to the InMotion App that brings support for the new V10 Electric Unicycle along with a host of other new features and a brand new UI. Today we'd like to show you 3 of the more interesting new features.

1. Car-Style Dashboard

InMotion App Dashboard

Here you can see the dashboard view one you've successfully connected your device. Today we're using a V10, so as you can see the rated nominal motor power is 1800W as opposed to V10F's 2000W rating.

During acceleration and cruising, you'll see the needle on the main dial move up the left side with an orange color trailing behind it. This indicates that your wheel is actively using power from the battery to achieve the speed shown in the center. The moment we begin to brake or descend a hill, the color switches from orange to green indicating power regeneration. If you demand enough power to push the motor past the sustained rating (1800W in our case) the color turns red to indicate that you are peaking past the sustainable power capacity.

InMotion App

To dive even deeper, you can swipe right to access alternative dashboard views that provide real-time graph views for power efficiency, power output, speed, and temperature. With this data you can actually see exactly how much power is being used based on the way you are riding. The efficiency data is measured in battery watt hours per kilometer ridden (Wh/km). Riders can now keep track of how their riding habits affect overall battery depletion by comparing the average Wh/km figures between more aggressive sessions and more relaxed sessions.


InMotion App 

Landscape mode

Turning your phone sideways gives you a new dashboard view with even more data! Tapping on the Current, Torque, Acceleration Speed, and Mainboard Temp sections will toggle the main view port to a graph view of that real-time data point you selected.


2. Pedal Settings And Calibration

 InMotion App


Footboard Sensitivity 

This setting is available for V10 and V10F electric unicycle, and it refers to the "stiffness" of the pedals. This one is particularly interesting because it has such a strong effect on the way the wheel rides and responds to rider input. I touched on this a bit in my V10 review because it made such a difference when I was able to test this new setting on our pre-production unit.   

A stiff pedal generally means that it will remain perfectly flat even when the rider leans forward and backward when accelerating and braking. A soft pedal will react by adjusting the angle as the rider leans

InMotion is not the first to offer this kind of adjustment, but the method they are implementing it is different - and in my opinion - better, because the softer algorithm gives more of an organic spring-like effect instead of a slow, linear adjustment in pedal tilt. In effect, this makes the wheel feel more playful and comfortable to ride for those who enjoy a softer setting

The range of adjustment is between 2048 and 4096, so it's all up to you to decide which number offers the best ride! 

Turning and Forwarding Adjustment 

This setting is actually more like a calibration than an adjustment. If you've ridden many different electric unicycles, you've probably noticed a common issue they can have: when turning the pedals can tilt forward. Depending on the severity, it can cause anything from mild annoyance to dangerous pedal scraping. InMotion has always done a great job at controlling this, most notably on the V8 / Solowheel Glide 3. However, with this setting, users have the ability to reset the calibration that affects pedal angle while turning should they ever notice this issue cropping up.

To calibrate, first engage the motor kill switch under the handle and rest your EUC on it's case edge as shown in the photo. Then enter the "Turning and Forwarding Adjustment" Calibration. You should then be greeted with a success message.


3. Shortcut For Horn And Light Switch

This one's easy! On the main screen InMotion has created a swipe-based shortcut to give you quick access to toggle the headlight on and off by swiping up. And if you like the idea of giving heads up to unsuspecting pedestrians ahead of your path, you can swipe down for a friendly little beep beep.


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