Meet The New Unicycle Exchange Program

Trade Up!

Looking for your next upgrade? We now have an easy way for our customers to trade in their Solowheel Glide 2, Glide 3, InMotion V5F, or V8 when looking to purchase their next faster or more powerful unicycle.

How Does The New Unicycle Exchange Program Work?

InMotion USA will take your old model electric unicycle and refund you the trade-in value from your purchase of a new Solowheel Glide 3 or InMotion V10.

Step 1: Fill out a quick application to show us what you'll be trading in

Step 2: Get Approval

Step 3: Send us your trade-in and purchase your new upgrade

Step 4: Get a refund for the amount of your assessed trade-in value

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You can learn more details about trade in value and fill out the quick application on the Unicycle Exchange page.

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