Taking Solowheel Brush Into Mass Production


You may have seen our Kickstarter campaign for Solowheel Brush at the beginning of 2018. We knew it was a long shot considering the size of the electric unicycle market, and sadly, we didn't reach our funding goal. So while the company may not be taking it into mass production, we feel for those who supported us because it’s a truly useful tool for overcoming the steeper learning curve for those learning to ride their electric unicycle for the first time, and we'd hate to see such a great idea go to waste. Since the brush was designed to be compatible with pedals on most other models out there in the market - not just InMotion or Solowheel - there might be an opportunity for someone else to pick up where we left off.

Here's What We Can Offer

We can provide the technical documents and vendor info at no cost, and we can also assist in placing production orders from anyone that decides to take the idea further into production. Because the brush concept works well for multiple brands and models, it's more realistic to bring the cost down in manufacturing compared to developing for a single brand or model. Contact us for more information!


The Original Campaign


Seven years ago the world was introduced to a revolutionary transportation tool, and since then it has taken off like wildfire. Learning how to ride is an earned experience that pays off with a newfound ability to get around town easier than ever before, but what what about that learning curve? Not everyone has the confidence to give it a shot without some help.

Solowheel is self-balanced front to back, not side to side.  The hardest part of learning to ride a Solowheel is figuring out to keep the wheel from veering left or right. Some have tried a “training wheel” approach, but they restrict the rider’s ability to steer at all, hindering the learning process entirely.

That’s why we came up with Solowheel Brush!

Solowheel Brush will dramatically ease the learning curve for first-time riders. The bristles provide just the right amount of stability needed to help keep the wheel stabilized without preventing the tilting action needed to learn to steer. Solowheel Brush has a full adjustable attachment method allowing you to connect it to a variety of pedal sizes, and once you have them mounted, you’ll be riding on your own in no time!

Whether you’re new to Solowheel or an avid rider that loves to teach new riders, Solowheel Brush is the perfect tool to get you started.


  • Are there any out there for sale – new or used? I just started learning EUC. Wish I had a pair of these.

    I think you guys were ahead of your time. Also, advertising was too narrow to Solowheel only.

  • Marvelous post together with great recommendations! This place is very practical and used in us. Thanks for selling valuable material.


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