InMotion V11 Production Upgrades

If you’re as excited as we are to get your InMotion V11 EUC, then you’ll be thrilled to hear about these changes! Photos and new advertising images have been circulating online to share some tweaks made to the V11. In our opinion, these changes make for an even better version, available right from launch! Check out what’s new below and let us know what you think of the changes. Make sure to read to the end (or just scroll down)- we saved the biggest changes for last.


The one-of-a-kind built-in kickstand has been changed from a metal finish to black. We think this gives it more of a subtle look when riding.

Conversely, the logo badge on the side will have a metal/chrome finish (for the first batch only). It looks in photos like it adds a bit of light to accent the circular lower section where some were saying it looked a bit “T” shaped before. Starting with batch 2, it will have a black background with orange branding.

An additional batch 1 exclusive is orange accents: the rubber on the pedal will be orange for batch one and black starting from the second batch.

The pedals were changed from a rubber pad with sandpaper grip to an aluminum plate with sandpaper grip.


The battery has been upgraded to a 1500 Wh LG brand battery.

The motor has been upgraded from 2000W to 2200W.

Top speed has been increased from 50 to 55 km/h.
The charger has been upgraded from 1.5A to 2.5A resulting in a charge time of 8 hours, 5 hours shorter than the original charge time of 13 hours! This is an exciting change for commuters and adventurers alike because it effectively gets the charge time within the maximum practical limit of 8 hours so your wheel can be charged overnight. 


Two new ride management features have been added: “Go-home Mode” gives you the ability to use the last 10% of battery to ride home, rather than shutting down. The “Fan De-noise function” will suspend the fan when activated in the app and the wheel is either stationary or being operated by hand. This function will also decrease the headlight brightness to 40% if currently set higher.

The pedal angle has been increased to 9 degrees for higher ride height of 250mm. This means more clearance and should give a more agile, confident ride.

Finally, the key feature of this wheel- its suspension- has even been upgraded. The suspension travel has been increased from 70mm to 85 mm, giving even greater range to handle whatever obstacles you may face. In addition, negative air chambers have been added to the shocks on each side to allow for a more adjustable suspension response.

Overall, we think these are some great tweaks by the team at InMotion. What do you think?
Let us know what you think either in the EUCO Community or on social media @euco.us everywhere!

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