King Song S18 Production Upgrades

We know you’re on the edge of your seat, or maybe the edge of your current EUC’s pedals anticipating the S18 release. While we wait, here is some news about updates to be implemented for the production model. Check out these exciting changes and let us know what you think.


The current hardware has been replaced with thicker, sturdier clips to keep body parts on even in the event of a crash.

The mud guard has been fastened with 2 additional screws to ensure a secure, durable fitting.

The suspension slide has been upgraded from aluminum to weather-treated steel.


The pre-production model sent to many of our favorite YouTubers used a different model of tire than the wheel will ship with. The final model name of the tire to be used on the production model is the Chao Yang H-5102. This tire, along with a change to the dimensions of the molding, prevents this issue.

The S18 production model will feature what may quickly become an electric unicycle essential: adjustable pedals. Riders can now lower the ride height by 2cm, allowing riders with varying ankle heights to take advantage of the built in grip zones, commonly referred to as "Kuji pads".

The thickness of the padding has also been increased to address the wobbling that some riders reported when braking and to make the wheel even more comfortable. The padding was also changed to a more durable material to wear down from friction slower.


A crystal silicon button was added above the button on the wheel’s handle. This will prevent the button getting stuck by applying an even pressure.

Much to the joy of many EUC riders, the suspension frame color has been changed from the gray seen in review videos to a gold color, seen in mockups and widely commented on within our community.


While testing out our demo S18 unit, we received a firmware update that adds a cool new feature. Now when the wheel's lift switch is activated, rather than losing all power, it will attempt to balance itself with a very small amount of power to prevent the wheel from falling down when being pushed up steep slopes, bumpy terrain, or even stairs. This is likely intended to help serious off-road riders who frequently need to step off the wheel to walk over terrain that is unrideable. Some may worry that this could cause the wheel to spin out of control when lifted, but it really is a miniscule amount of power it uses to remain upright, and the motor's top speed is capped at roughly 13mph in this mode. While this is a lesser-talked about feature that has yet to be widely discussed, we think it could prove useful by giving riders a bit of help when offroading or lifting their wheel into tight spots where some motor response could help out. 

Overall, we think these are some great tweaks by the team at King Song. What do you think?
Let us know what you think either in the EUCO Community or on social media @euco.us everywhere!

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  • I’m really interesting in s18 model. I’ve seen in many many video review thai it stilo base a lot of problems with the
    _ pad
    _ low speed cut out
    _ handle deisgn and build quality
    _ battery capacity
    Can me help in understand better? There will be another more updated version?? Thankyou very much!!
    Francesco from Italy:]

    Francesco Riccitelli

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