Rider Spotlight: Wrong Way!

An avid PEV rider and tester shares why the EUC is his favorite Personal Electric Vehicle and a staple of a transportation revolution

Plenty of riders joined our shared community out of frustration with a commute, a concern for the environment, or an interest in the vehicles as a hobby. For Adam from Wrong Way!, a big focus on usability is why he calls the Electric Unicycle his favorite PEV. On Adam’s YouTube Channel, he tests all kinds of electric vehicles from eBikes and scooters to EUCs, and he really puts each vehicle through the paces!

EUCs as a staple:
Nowadays people know that these electric vehicles have really some impressive parameters, and that you don’t need hundreds and hundreds of miles of range to get to work every day. More and more people just will buy electric scooters, electric unicycles, ebikes, and so on.’

‘Why I like EUCs the most is several things: you don’t need a hand to push a throttle or use a brake, so maneuverability and the ride feel as well reminds me a bit of skiing. The second thing is practicality. The EUC is by far the lightest and smallest electric device with the same performance or better performance… I could ramble on for a long time why I like EUCs the most.’


A rounded Perspective
Adam tests many vehicles for his channel and has a penchant for speed, acceleration, and versatility. It’s telling that the only PEV he has actually elected to own is a EUC- ‘I own only the EUC but I do ride Scooters, eBikes and a bit of eskate… I once saw a EUC rider a long time ago zip by on a bicycle path whilst I was riding a bike. A year or so later I got offered to test the InMotion V10 on my channel and by that time I really wanted to try one! I learned riding maybe in 3 hours over a couple of days to a state where I could sort of maneuver on the road. Fell in love immediately!

Favorite EUC: GotWay MSS 100V 2250Wh

Current Daily Driver: GotWay MSS 100V 2250Wh

Most-Wanted Feature Request:Fast Charging at EV stations, 5kWh batteries, and suspension!”

Favorite Place To Ride:Love to have rides in the woods. Sometimes I ride in skateparks. I like variety and no traffic lights. That’s the beauty of a EUC- it’s a perfect device for exploring!”


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