V11 Overview & Off-Road Comparison

Introducing: InMotion V11

We are very excited to introduce to you the InMotion V11 Electric Unicycle! We finally got to take ours out for a ride review and off-road comparison, and we made sure to push this ride to see what it could really do. At first glance this EUC might not seem to be an off-roader: Its design is sleek enough to ride to work, but its frame is sturdy enough for weekend adventures. It seems the people at InMotion really thought of everything- they even included a built-in kickstand for parking. Beyond looks, this wheel is truly designed and built with flexibility in mind. This is one of the most versatile EVs any of us have tried, and probably the most adaptable EUC to date. Overall, the experience is best summed up with one word: 


The brightest headlight ever seen on a EUC is made possible by an active cooling system. This cooling system utilizes an active heat sink with convection and conduction cooling, as well as the first dedicated fan to help vent the heat generated by this super bright light. Before taking the wheel out for a spin, we tested out this light in our office- even in full daylight, it was clear to see that this was brighter than any light currently out there on EUCs. Together with its car-grade taillight, you’re sure to be seen and be safe, even at night. While we didn’t do our test at night, there are other safety features that we did get to experience. Namely, the large pedals with high-friction grip made for comfortable and secure handling even on challenging terrain. 

“Definitely makes off-roading more enjoyable.”

Sporting dual charging ports and a 1500 Watt-Hour battery, V11 owners can keep riding. Not only do riders get a maximum range of 75 miles on a single charge, you will also cut charging time in half! For us, this meant being able to make sure we all got a feel for how this wheel really handles over a variety of terrain. This wheel looks serious and formal enough to use as a daily driver, even for an urban commute. But looking professional is no excuse to not have fun. On this wheel, you won’t have to choose. We can’t wait to see what great spots you find!

I feel like I can conquer any road!” - Rose

A highly active suspension reaches 8.5cm of travel, ensuring that riders can take on any route with higher confidence than ever before. During our off road test, we each felt the difference immediately when hitting rocks and bumps with this EUC. It’s this novel design that allows the rider to get the most out of the powerful 2200 watt motor. We definitely noticed the aggressive torque that a rider can get out of this wheel, once familiar. That’s made possible largely thanks to this suspension. After all, what good is higher torque if you’re afraid to use it? With this quick acceleration and a max speed of 31-34 miles per hour, this wheel can perform for even the speed demons among us. The extreme range of travel when hitting bumps is smooth enough to accommodate unexpected obstacles and hazards while commuting, while also being forgiving enough to make city riders feel at home much farther from the beaten path than usual.

 “The ability to go faster without being bounced off the wheel is immediately noticeable.” - Nick

To see more of our thoughts on the V11's amazing offroad performance, check out our video linked below!

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