V8F Teardown: Looking Deeper Into InMotion's Latest EUC

We opened up the new InMotion V8F and it looks to be the most weather-proof electric unicycle yet

Disassembling V8F

As tradition with any new EUC release, one of the first things we like to do is tear it down so we can get a better idea of any updates the build quality and repair process.

Because InMotion’s original V8 has become so popular, we’ve done enough repairs and tire changes on that electric unicycle that we could practically do it blind folded at this point. Because the form factor hasn’t changed much with the new V8F, we didn’t expect to see any radical changes, but we are pleased to report that while this is mostly true, InMotion has continued to refine their proven design on the inside as well. The general construction uses the same methodology as V8, but with some added improvements here and there.

Taking Weather-Sealing To The Next Level

V8 was already one of the most well-equipped EUCs to handle riding in rainy and wet conditions due to it’s numerous seals, gaskets, and custom battery housing that keeps the cells far away from the possibility of encountering moisture. That same battery housing is alive and well with V8F’s new larger 518WH pack along with all of V8’s previous weather-resistant measures, but we also found 2 new significant additions to this effort.

The first new protection against moisture intrusion is a strong silicone seal that runs all the way along the mid split of the wheel well just like V10. V8 already had an adhesive tape seal on the bottom side of the battery compartment, but the addition of the silicone seal on the other side of the compartment means the battery is now protected from both sides. Because of the V8F’s screwed-tight battery housing, one might actually call the battery pack triple-protected from the possibility of encountering moisture.

Of all the electronic components inside an electric unicycle, the battery is first on the list of parts you don’t want getting wet (for obvious reasons!), but you definitely don’t want any moisture hitting your control board either. This is why we really loved seeing the second new weather seal addition as a silicone adhesive that seals the control board and heat sink against the inner shell and wheel well. It’s necessary for the heat sink to be exposed to open air next to the motor in order to cool the components on the board, and while their previous implementation wasn’t particularly problematic, seeing a nice seal around the heat sink definitely gives us some peace of mind that V8F is better equipped to handle the real-world outside of the factory more than ever before.

Need Help With Parts Or Repair On Your V8F?

As of the time of this writing, customers don’t yet have their hands on this new EUC, but it won’t be much longer before shipments begin. We tried to be as detailed as possible in our video for those who like to do some self-repair at home, but should you need any assistance feel free to contact us. Our experienced repair team in San Diego is here to help if you get into a jam!

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