Video: King Song S18 Setup Guide

The brand new S18 from King Song is an amazing wheel with an impressive suspension setup! However, being one of the first of its kind, the setup process can seem a bit daunting for some. We're here to show you that this process is actually fairly simple, and easy to do at home! Check out our newest video, in which we show you everything you need to set up your S18 from the moment it comes out of the box to the moment you hit the pavement for the first time. 

Here's what you'll need to do to get going with your S18.

1. Open it up!

In the box, you'll find a few things, including user manuals for the suspension system and the wheel itself, a chart to assist you in choosing the right pressures for the shock based on your weight and riding conditions, a high-pressure pump for pumping up the suspension, a 2.5 amp quick charger, and the S18. 

2. Check your tire pressure

In the past, wheels often arrived with very low tire pressures that would damage the tube if not inflated before use. However, the S18 seems to be shipping with the tire pre-inflated! Just to be safe, we recommend checking that the pressure is somewhere between 30 and 40 psi depending on your riding weight (35 is a good all-around tire pressure for most, but feel free to experiment with tire pressure to see how it changes the ride feel).

3. Unlock/update the wheel in the app

The King Song app can be found in both the iOS app store and the Google play store. Once the app has been downloaded, connect to the wheel and hit the "unlock" button to engage the motor. Your wheel may come with the latest firmware, but if the app prompts you to update it, go ahead and continue with that process and let the wheel update. This may take a while, so make sure that your phone remains close to the wheel and stays turned on for the duration of the update.

4. Pump up the suspension

In order to expose the suspension and keep it accessible during the entire inflation process, sit on your S18 (while it's balancing) with the shock in front of you to keep it compressed. Make sure the suspension is unlocked (with the blue lever to the right), and refer to the chart provided with the wheel to determine which pressures to use for the top and bottom chambers. In order to pump up the suspension, unscrew the caps from both chambers and screw on the pump to either the top or bottom chamber. Pump it up using the chart as a guide for pressure, and then repeat with the other chamber. You may want to overinflate the chambers slightly, as some air will escape when you unscrew the pump. 

5. Check your sag and rebound dial

Hidden away at the top of the shock is a red dial. This controls how quickly the suspension returns to its default position after absorbing a bump. To start out, turn the dial all the way counterclockwise. This will cause the shock to rebound as quickly as possible. Later while riding, this may feel too bouncy, so feel free to turn the dial clockwise click-by-click until you get a setting that feels good for you. After making sure the dial is all the way counterclockwise, Check that the blue O-ring on the shock is all the way up and touching the shock body. Stand on the wheel and give it a good bounce. You should see that the O-ring doesn't go too far down on the cylinder, and if it does, you may need to add more pressure to the top chamber. If you notice it barely moves, it's okay to let some pressure out of the top chamber and repeat this test again.

6. Adjust the pedal height

This may not be necessary for all riders, but the S18 comes with the ability to change the pedal height. This is because the wheel features a padded cutout in the shell for your ankles to rest, which gives you a point to grab onto when jumping the wheel up curbs or over obstacles. If you notice your ankles are too high such that they can't lock into the cutout, you may want to lower the pedal height. Conversely, if there is too much room for your ankles to move around, you may want to raise the pedal height. This process is best described visually, so check out our video at the timestamp 5:59 to see how to change the height of your pedals. It's worth noting that this step isn't as crucial as the previous steps, but can help improve ride comfort as well as lock-in for performance riding. 

7. Go for a ride!

You're now ready to take your S18 on its maiden voyage! Take to the streets and enjoy the fruits of your labor as you glide over bumps and potholes that may have been tricky to ride over on a traditional EUC. Stay safe and happy riding!

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