The FlyBeeper Mod

Never miss another beep from your MSuper wheel!

Why we love this mod

Designed by YouTube content creator and MSX rider Flyboy EUC (check out his channel here), the FlyBeeper is designed to eliminate one of the biggest issues with high-speed riding: hearing the beep. At speeds above 30 mph, wind noise can often become louder than the warning sound your wheel can produce, making it difficult to discern how close you are to the edge of the wheel's performance limit. This mod aims to alleviate that issue by positioning the beeper upwards directly on top of the wheel, making it much easier to hear compared to its stock position on the inside of the wheel facing sideways. The only thing you need to perform this mod is the mounting plate, but we also offer charge ports, power buttons, and charge port covers if you want to save time removing them from your wheel, all of which are listed below.

Installation Video

Despite appearances, this mod is relatively simple to perform!
Check out Flyboy's video on the installation process:

Extra FlyBeeper Parts

Don't want to have to extract your existing hardware? No problem! Just select your charge port variant below as well as a charge port cover and power button, and you'll be all set!