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San Diego, CA, October 3, 2017 - InMotion, a San Diego-based company revolutionizing how easy it is to learn how to ride an electric rideable, releases its first product that provides a riding experience you have never had on a scooter or skateboard.
Recently, InMotion launched on Kickstarter the new Scooterboard. The Scooterboard project exceeded its goal within the first 48 hours.
Scooterboard is a three-wheeled scooter-skateboard hybrid. It uses a powerful 250W back-wheel hub motor to propels you forward. Scooterboard’s patent-pending technology sets this product apart from anything else on the market. Its lean-to steer, single-handed handle gives riders more control and stability so they can carve with confidence. 
With two modes, Power and Casual, anyone can step on the Scooterboard and learn to ride in one session. To ride, simply step on the Scooterboard sideways like you would a skateboard, put one hand on the handle, kick off like you would a skateboard and pull the trigger to accelerate. To move left or right, lean your body like you would on a skateboard. 
Scooterboard is lightweight and strong, made from premium materials. It is built with a 7.5-mile range battery pack, and can reach up to 15.5 mph.
Scooterboard was developed and engineered in house by InMotion Technology, a team with 10+ years of experience. It took 3+ years to develop what we have today. Scooterboard was made with safety in mind. There are battery temperature systems built in, there are also over charging mechanisms in the battery and charger, and very unit goes through a rigorous testing phases with 4 phases.
InMotion Technology had the goal of creating a device that would be both easier to ride and more affordable than most electric vehicles. This is why the team is offering Scooterboard at about one-third of the price of similar devices on the market. Scooterboard retails for $699 in stores and can be pre-ordered online for delivery Q4.


Scooterboard Features:

Lean-to-Steer: This is a major game changer. With a motorized rear wheel and a fork-mounted swiveling front truck, you can lean at a much greater angle, resulting in sharper steering.

Control Handle: The control handle gives you more stability and confidence, from learning to ride to more advanced techniques, all with one hand! Throttle & brakes are built-in: no dependence on a wireless controller for your safety.

Foldable Handle: Fold up with the spring release and pull Scooterboard along with you. It easily fits in a small space like a trunk or a locker.

Battery Safety: Checkpoints in the charger and battery prevent overcharging, so you can rest assured our battery is safe.

Two Modes: Casual Mode and Power Mode give you choice in how you ride. Do you want to cruise around town with easy acceleration and braking? There's a mode for that. How about a sportier feel with faster acceleration and braking? There's a mode for that too.

About InMotion Technology LLC

InMotion Technology LLC is an international team of professionals who specialize in the design, development and manufacturing of electric vehicles. They focus on offering high quality products and devices that help people to mobilize more and enjoy better transport on a day-to-day basis. Inmotion hopes to crowdfund Scooterboard to expand its mission in bringing fun, eco-friendly, and unique experiences to the masses.

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