V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)
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V13 Pro (Pre-Order Deposit)

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3024wh, 126V
Max Range
~64-93 miles
Top Speed
~56 mph
Motor Power
4500W nominal, peaks at 10000W



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Add a Seat

The InMotion V13 Pro allows you to ride for long distances and a seat can make long cruises more comfortable and relaxing!

V13 Pro Kickstand

The InMotion V13 Pro kickstand makes it easy to store your wheel anywhere and you can add one to your order for free using the code "V13KICKSTAND"

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The controller serves as both the heart and brain of an electric unicycle. It tracks the real-time status of the wheel through sensors, controls battery current, gets the motor working, monitors performance, and performs protective actions when risks are seen in advance.

Raptor controller is InMotion's first modular concept design, aiming to offer a big safety margin, compact and clean wiring management, IPX5 waterproofing, independent packaging, and easy maintenance. Raptor controller mainly consists of 3 layers. These are the outer shell, the driver board, and the Thermal Conductive Board.
The assembly is well sealed without any jump wire inside or outside, so it can be easily tested and transported. Motorcycle-grade waterproofing connectors are integrated within the PCBA, and are easy to plug in and out.

To ensure the driver board always has enough safety margin under any extreme conditions, InMotion decided to use 42 MOSFETs with a nominal withstand voltage of 200V. That's 58% more than the V13 Pro's peak voltage, allowing for nearly 1000A continuous current. This means the V13 Pro can provide tremendous acceleration and deceleration without damaging the board. 18 capacitors are adopted, which is 6 times that of its predecessor. This generates much less heat, especially on uneven terrain, and the system is generally safer and more reliable. It also reduces the impact of stress and extends the lifespan of the battery pack.
All the MOSFETs are installed directly on the 7.9 inch x 3.5 inch (200mm x 90mm) Thermal Conductive Board, and two independent fans are used to cool down the board.
A no cut-out experience is what we're striving for, and Raptor is made for this mission.

The V13 Pro has one of the most powerful motors ever made for the EUC. The motor 4,500 Watt motor is equipped with a 22'' off-road tire,  282mm diameter stator, 38H magnetic steel, which enables the motor to achieve a lift speed of 140km/h, a peak power by 10000W, a max torque by 300NM.  It’s safe to say that the V13 Pro will conquer any hills with ease, and travel at any speed with a promising safety margin. 

To allow the motor to get enough input current, InMotion used 8AWG phase-conductor cables, double the size of their counterparts, that can sustain 160A continuous current, and 1000A peak current. It’s a hollow motor, well-sealed, IPX6 waterproof level. The reinforced rim design can support vertical impacts up to 2700kg, which is 2 times the value of V12HT.

To provide an extra safety guarantee, InMotion implemented redundant hall sensor systems. The riding experience will be much smoother, because now the motor is controlled more precisely.  In case either one fails while riding, the other one can take over the task to make sure no cutout happens.
The V13 and V13 Pro suspension system seems to take inspiration from the InMotion V11 from the V11 air shock system. The InMotion V13 and V13 Pro now include a sperate Dampener piston on each side to improve the overall feeling of the suspension system. The V13 Pro has two sets of independent air shocks and dampers that are implemented on each side, so you can adjust the pressure and the damper speed according to your weight and riding preference. It's super responsive to uneven terrains and I can guarantee that you have never had the same smooth riding experience elsewhere. 

InMotion understands that some riders may prefer non-suspension wheels which is why with V13 Pro you can easily transform it into a non-suspension unit by removing the suspension kits. So just play around, you'll feel the two different characters of the same wheel.
The V13 Pro's battery is 126v, with a capacity of 3024wh. The packs are IP67 waterproofing level, and can support fast charging up to 1764 Watts (126V/14A), which means you can fully charge the battery in a little over 2.5 hours.  

The smart BMS on the V13 Pro allows you to view important pieces of information within the InMotion app about the battery health of the unit. You can check the status of every parallel cell, which is also monitored by the motherboard all the time. Cells balancing technology has been adopted too, which can decrease the battery aging process and extend the life span by 100%. A dedicated voltmeter has been implemented in the BMS, with a deviation down to 3%. Independent battery logs are very important for the analysis in case of failure, so now the INMOTION team can dive into every failure case, come up with a solution and then update the BMS firmware for every rider via OTA, to prevent potential risks. 

With 11x2 temperature sensors, and 12 types of protection mechanisms,  the V13 Pro's battery has the most sophisticated safety tactics in the EUC market.  To prevent potential failures during charging, they have designed a redundant protection mechanism in the BMS, if one fails, the other one can still work independently. In addition, there is a third protection layer outside of the battery packs, so even if all the battery BMS protection functions fail, there will still be a gatekeeper to prevent potential fires.

EUC Design

The V13 Pro is a big suspension wheel, which is built like a tank, strong and tough. It's super stable and comfortable at high speed. The width of the wheel is only 22 inches, which means it is still agile enough to maneuver.

InMotion has implemented the family trolley handle design for the V13 Pro, which is easy to use. The highly praised touch screen display, which is the same as the V12 series, has been adopted here, so you can read the key information and change the settings easily from the screen.

The rolling cage not only protects the wheel from damage, but also serves as a lift handle when you need to lift it over to your trunk or take up a few stairs.

The 18W headlight and 1 W rear light make the wheel very visible at night. It has two charging ports, that can support up to 1764W (126V/14A), which means you can fully charge the battery in a little over 2.5 hours. One Type-C port and one USB port are available, so that your phone, or tablet has an easy way to charge up. A big and wide mudguard is provided, so you never need to be concerned about the puddles anymore.

Power pads are free accessories for everyone, and all you need to do is to paste them wherever fit you the best.

To prevent potential damage to the corners of the outer shells, InMotion added four protective armor made out of stainless steel. In this way, the shells and the battery packs inside are well protected from unintentional impact or puncture. Super big and wide spiked pedals are equipped with Challenger, and the height and angle of which are adjustable.


Battery: 3024wh, 126V

Weight: 117lbs

Max Payload: 287lbs

Max Range: ~64-93 miles

Motor: 4500W nominal, peaks much higher

Top Speed: ~55+ mph

Safety Warning System: Alarms & Tilt-back (configurable in app)

Built-in Handle: Retractable trolley, anti-spin lift button located above the brake light

Lights: A powerful and bright headlight and taillight

Speakers: Beeper for alarms and system sounds, Bluetooth music not supported


InMotion wheels are supported by the InMotion App available for iOS and Android. Take a close look at your stats in real-time such as battery charge, voltage, and internal temps. Choose your ride mode and pedal calibration, upgrade your firmware, and see what other InMotion riders are up to around the world.