Begode/Gotway EX: Enthusiasts' Thoughts

The trinity of suspension EUCs is finally complete! A new competitor, the Begode EX, has arrived to challenge InMotion’s V11 and King Song’s S18. The Detroit riders group got to spend some quality time with the EX, putting it through its paces and comparing it side-by-side against the S18 and V11. Want to know their thoughts? Check out our new video below!

We’ve also gotten the chance to test the EX here in Southern California. Here are our thoughts on how it stacks up against the competition!

First Impressions/Specs

Immediately upon taking the EX out of the box, the first thing you’ll notice is its weight, at roughly 90 pounds! However, there’s a good reason for this, and that’s the huge battery that comes with the EX. It’s packed with 2700Wh of juice, which brings it to almost double the battery capacity of the V11, and more than double that of the S18! Another factor that adds to the EX’s weight is its 3500w motor, which provides considerably more “oomph” when climbing hills or accelerating from a stop, as well as during emergency braking. Because of all this weight, the EX feels very planted on flat ground, all the way up to its safe top speed of ~40mph. 

Suspension Differences

Unlike the S18 and V11, which feature progressive suspension that’s better equipped to handle bumps of various sizes, the EX is fitted with a linear suspension system, which excels at handling larger impacts while still allowing you to feel the surface you’re riding on. The easiest way I can describe the ride feel of these three wheels is by using the popular motorcycle analogy. The V11 feels like a cruiser, with its ergonomic design and simple suspension system. It can definitely handle off roading better than most non-suspension wheels, but if you’re going to be spending a lot of time on the trails, you may want to consider the S18, which is akin to a dirt bike or a dual sport. It’s definitely capable enough to handle your commute, but you may find yourself missing out on the comfort of the V11’s ride. In turn, however, you get a much more adjustable suspension system that is designed to handle rougher terrain that the V11 may not be able to handle comfortably, as well as a less ergonomic but more “locked-in” ride feel. Lastly, I would compare the EX to a sport bike. The suspension system is stiffer, meaning you’ll feel surface imperfections a bit more than you would on the S18 or V11, but you’ll feel much more connected to the road while also having the peace of mind that comes with having a suspension system to save you from unexpected potholes or big bumps. If you’re like me and feel like you’ll want to go a bit faster than the S18 or V11 will allow, yet still want a suspension system to dampen bumps that would make fast riding uncomfortable on traditional EUCs, then the EX might be for you!

Feature Differences

If you’re still having a tough time picking a favorite wheel out of these three, their differences regarding built in features should not be overlooked. Each of these three wheels have similar features, but they each implement them in different ways. There are even some features unique to just one of these wheels! Here’s a few quick comparisons between these three wheels’ biggest features:

  • The S18 and V11’s trolley handles are relatively sturdy, while the EX’s handle tends to have some play in it (this will be fixed in future revisions, according to Begode).
  • Both the V11 and EX offer factory seat and powerpad options, whereas the S18 does not. However, the V11 and S18 come with a mudguard preinstalled, whereas the EX’s is sold separately (though any EX purchase from our site will have the mudguard included!)
  • The V11 and S18’s headlights illuminate a wide area, whereas the EX’s headlight is more a narrow beam which illuminates things farther away. This can be helpful for fast riding, but some prefer their headlights to have a wider beam. All three lights are bright enough to safely ride at each of these wheels’ top speeds.
  • The EX and V11 feature a daytime running light (toggleable on the V11), while the S18 features an auto-headlight mode that adjusts the headlight brightness depending on your surroundings. 
  • The S18’s rear light has integrated turn signal functionality, whereas the EX and V11’s rear lights are solid are flash/get brighter when braking, respectively.
  • The V11 and S18 can be “parked” using either a built in kickstand or the front of the wheel to keep it upright, whereas the EX must be leaned against a wall or placed on a stand.
  • The S18 and V11 do not feature bluetooth speakers, but the EX does. And they get loud! Their sound is among the best for built-in EUC speakers.


So, having had the chance to test-ride all three wheels extensively, which would I recommend? At the end of the day, it really does depend on how you plan to use it. If you’re looking for something comfortable and well-rounded, I’d recommend the V11. It allows you to go up to 34mph above 80% battery, so it’s technically a tad faster than the S18, and it has the S18 beat in the range department. I would grab this wheel if I’m going to be running errands, commuting to work, or just generally enjoying the ride! However, if you know you’ll be riding on rougher roads and trails, the S18 is definitely equipped with a more customizable and capable suspension system. The S18 can absorb larger bumps than the V11, and the shock’s rebound response can be adjusted for the type of terrain you plan to ride on. If I was commuting in an area with lesser quality roads or planning to tackle some technical trails, I would grab the S18. And last but definitely not least, the EX. If you’re looking to go as fast as possible for as long as possible and convenience isn’t as big of a factor for you, the EX can’t be beat. If I was riding in an area with a lot of hills, wanted to challenge myself off road to build my technical skills, or just go fast without having to worry about unexpected road imperfections that may lead to a tumble on a non-suspension wheel, I’d grab the EX. The main draw of the EX is, in my opinion, its battery capacity, power, and speed while also reaping the benefits of a suspension system. While it may not be as comfortable or light as its suspension-equipped competition, the EX’s acceleration, speed, and range simply can’t be matched by any V11 or S18. 

- Nick

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