Enthusiast Review: Begode EX, EX.N, and Monster Pro

It’s a great time to be an EUC rider if you’re into long-range PEVs. Begode is currently rolling out three of the highest capacity wheels to have ever hit the EUC scene: the EX, EX.N, and Monster Pro. Both the EX (oriented towards torque and performance with its motor and suspension setup) and the EX.N (geared towards speed) share the same 2700Wh battery, and the Monster Pro houses an additional 900Wh pack for a total of 3600Wh, the largest battery to ever be fitted to an EUC. However, will these wheels be able to back up their impressive specs with impressive performance? We gave the local San Diego riding community a chance to test out all three of these highly anticipated new wheels on a group ride to find out! We’ve also gotten the chance to test out these three wheels quite a bit in the past few weeks. Here are our thoughts on how these wheels perform, and who they’re for!

First Impressions/Specs & Differences

We’ve already done an in-depth review of the EX, which you can find on our website if you’re interested in learning more about it. The EX and EX.N appear very similar, with the only physical differences being that the EX.N lacks a suspension system (with the “N” signifying “N”o suspension) and instead uses a fixed pedal height motor mount that is lower than the un-compressed pedal height of the EX. While this reduces ground clearance, it helps with high speed stability, which will benefit the EX.N’s speed-oriented motor setup. Additionally, many will find the EX.N more manageable as the EX’s suspension system adds a lot of weight that EX.N riders won’t have to deal with while riding or lifting the wheel. Other than these small differences, the two wheels share the same body and batteries. The Monster Pro on the other hand, is an entirely different beast. Weighing in at roughly 90 lbs, this wheel can be a bit more difficult to handle, but those who want to ride for as long as possible without recharging might want to consider this wheel. The Monster Pro is also the fastest EUC yet, with a lift speed of around 65mph! This means lighter riders will be able to exceed 50mph, a feat that was only recently made possible with the arrival of wheels like the Veteran Sherman.

Popular Consensus

The EX.N appeared to be a crowd favorite, as it rides very similar to an MSuper-series wheel, yet has a much longer range. MSuper wheels like the Pro and RS have consistently been popular among the enthusiast EUC crowd for being able to pack a ton of power and speed into a relatively compact package, but many riders (especially those who cruise near these wheels’ top speed of 40+mph) wish they didn’t have to pull out the charger and stop to refuel as often. The EX.N solves this problem by increasing the capacity by 50%, while still maintaining the ride characteristics of something like the RS high speed, with which it shares a motor. The Monster Pro also attracted a lot of attention, as many were pleased with its stability especially at speed. Its weight does play a part in this stability, as it helps keep the wheel planted on the ground when going over rough terrain or poorly maintained roads. The EX wasn’t really given a chance to show off its most important feature, the suspension, on this ride as it consisted mostly of flat terrain. However, if you’d like to see more riders’ opinions on the EX, check out our YouTube channel, where we’ve worked with the Detroit EUC crew to bring you just that!

Our Take

Our thoughts align pretty well with that of the community. The EX.N is shaping up to be a great upgrade for those who love riding their MSuper or RS wheel but want to be able to ride faster for longer. While it lacks some of the RS’ features like RGB accent lights and dual headlights, It does still keep the daytime running light, flashing brake light, voltage meter, and relatively good bluetooth speakers found in the EX. It will also be priced lower than the EX, which is good news for those who don’t need suspension and/or prefer top speed over acceleration. The Monster Pro feels like a cross between the previous-gen Monster v3 and the EX.N. It takes more effort to maneuver due to its larger tire diameter and overall size, but there’s no better wheel if you’re looking to cruise for miles and miles. An EX or EX.N will be more suitable for everyday use, however, as the Monster Pro is a bit big to trolley through a grocery store for example. 


So, having had the chance to test-ride all three new Begode wheels extensively, which would I recommend? Similar to how we ended our EX review, it depends on how you plan to use it. If you like the RS but want a bit more range and speed, the EX.N will definitely meet your needs. It’s still small enough to be usable as a commuter wheel, but it will let you maintain its top speed for much longer than something like an RS. Alternatively, if you’re looking more for torque and technical prowess instead of speed, the EX is one of the most difficult wheels to overpower, especially with power pads equipped. If you don’t plan to exceed 35-40 mph, the EX will provide a similar experience to the EX.N while also having the added benefit of suspension should you come across a surprise obstacle or pothole.  And finally, the Monster Pro. If you want the highest speeds and the longest rides, the Monster Pro is for you. If you don’t mind its heavy weight and slower handling, and just want something to ride for hours without having to worry about charging or exceeding the wheel’s top speed, there’s just no other choice! What do you think about these three new wheels? Let us know in the comments below or reach out to us on social media @euco.us everywhere! 

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