Highlights: WestWheel 3!

WestWheel is an annual multi-day event hosted by the Personal Electric Vehicle Rider's Association (PEVRA) where PEV lovers of all kinds come together and ride the best of what Las Vegas has to offer. This year, EUCO hosted a wheel demo session where riders of all levels and backgrounds can gather to exchange experiences and try different types of PEVs. We also got a chance to go on some of the rides hosted during WestWheel, which were a great opportunity to interact with the community doing what we love best: riding! Check out our highlight reel below, where we take you through our amazing experience at WestWheel 3.

The event kicked off on Thursday with a night ride through the Clark County wetlands. This was a great opportunity to meet all sorts of PEV riders and check out their rides! What better time to show off your LED mods and functional upgrades than at night? This ride included a perfect mix of on-road as well as off-road trails, and was a great introduction to the WestWheel event.

The next day was demo day! On Friday afternoon, we set up our demo area where riders could try out their favorite EUCs and share their experiences with other riders. We had a great time learning about everyone's ride of choice as well as getting a better chance to interact with the community before the ride later that night. At around 7pm, we headed out for a group ride around downtown Las Vegas, where PEVs ruled the streets! It was truly awe-inspiring seeing such a large gathering of riders cruising down the streets, and it gave us a glimpse of a what a more PEV-friendly future could look like.

Saturday started off bright and early with a gorgeous sunrise ride through Red Rock Canyon. This ride consisted mostly of long, paved roads that gave the group some room to spread out and test the capabilities of their machines. The scenery along this route was truly a sight to behold, as was the caravan of EUCs hurdling down the road! 

After taking some time to rest up, we headed out later that night for a ride along the famous Vegas strip. For the first time in a while, our machines weren't the flashiest thing in the area! This ride was an absolute blast, and a perfect way to finish out our Las Vegas WestWheel tour.

We had a great time attending this year's WestWheel event, and we enjoyed getting to meet some of you! Where would you like to see us next? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • When you come to Vegas please let me know.

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