Video: First Look At InMotion's New V8F

No matter how many wheels we’ve unboxed, it’s always a special treat when something brand new hits our doorstep. We’ve had a lot of experience with InMotion’s previous products - especially their popular V8 electric unicycle - so to finally see an update on this one feels like a long time coming.

The video is lengthy, so stick around until the end if you want to hear our full thoughts!

SPOILER ALERT: we like it and feel this is the new zippy starter wheel that will take first-timers much further than before without feeling the need to upgrade so quickly. We did find few pre-production quirks that we expect InMotion to work out before release, so we will be updating as firmware updates and full specs are released.

Let us know what you think, and if you really like what you see already, you can always reserve one to make sure you get in on the first round here: https://www.euco.us/inmotion-v8-electric-unicycle

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