Video: Taking KS-16X Out At Night

On of my favorite things about the King Song 16X is the headlight, believe it or not! Not only is it crazy bright, but it actually has two stages for a high and low beam. For an electric unicycle, this is not only great for visibility and lighting the path ahead to make sure you aren’t too surprised by any obstacles, but it also nice to have a low beam option for those times you want to be courteous towards pedestrians or cyclists heading directly towards you. You can toggle between the two beams, or you can have both running at the same time for maximum light coverage, and you can see that in action in my video above.


Like many other EUC video fellows, 360 cams have been my weapon of choice ever since the Insta360 One X came out because it does such a great job in a tiny package. One area that I always wanted to see more improvement, however, is the low light performance. So this video was the perfect opportunity to see if GoPro’s new MAX 360 action cam can do a better job.

The verdict? Well, I still have some room to optimize my post-production workflow to improve the image quality, but I can safely say it’s showed some improvement in low light. Maybe not worth upgrading if you already have the One X, but I was very pleased to be able to get some shots in downtown San Diego that I’ve never been able to get passable results previously. Of course, Insta360’s ONE R is poised to up the ante for low light even more with its 1” sensor.

Stay tuned for more 360 goodness, and let me know if you have any requests below!


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