Why King Song 18L Is My Favorite EUC At The End Of 2019

By Jeff Will

Why I picked the KS-18L As My Favorite EUC

Even though King Song’s 18 incher wasn’t released this year, it has managed to become my favorite despite the stiff competition from Gotway and InMotion. Also worth mentioning is that King Song has recently updated both the KS-18L and KS-18XL with a new 2200 Watt motor that delivers even more incredibly powerful (and quiet!) performance.

You may have thought I misspoke in the video when I said that the 18L was favorite electric unicycle, but I actually do prefer it over the KS-18XL because I’m always seeking the lightest weight wheel for my needs. Heavier weight does have an effect on general responsiveness and handling, and the KS-18L’s 1036Wh battery pack offers plenty of range for my daily trips and excursions.

The Runners Up

King Song’s 16X is also one of my favorite wheels to date because of it’s raw performance and nimble handling. It’s definitely one of the most popular high-end wheels right now, and I think the fandom it completely justified.

I also consider InMotion’s V10F to be among my top 3 favorite electric unicycles to date due to it’s sleek and slim industrial design, superior ergonomics, and highly tune-able firmware that makes for an incredibly smooth and satisfying ride.

Wish List For 2020

Overall I’m thrilled with the options we have today, and it’s incredible to use this time of year to appreciate how far the EUC industry has come in a short time. There is, however, some maturing left to do in a few areas. The biggest standout to me, is ease of repair in general. A relatively common necessity over the lifespan of any electric unicycle is a tire change, and unfortunately, this is still a daunting task for anyone not comfortable disassembling their EUC.

Another area that still needs some improvement is the app support from the manufacturers. While the feature sets are fairly large these days, it’s too common for bugs to appear and persist - or for English translation to be incomplete or missing entirely.

What’s Your Top EUC?

I want to hear about your favorite wheels to date! Comment your top 3 EUC as well as your top 3 Feature Request.

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