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  • Experienced and dedicated team of EUC professionals: Our passionate members have been working directly with electric unicycle manufacturers since 2016
  • Physical Location: Our headquarters and service center are located in San Diego, California, and we work with brick-and-mortar retail locations to bring the movement locally to you
  • Warranty and after-sales service: We have in-house technicians and readily available stock of spare parts
  • Free shipping for EUC orders across the continental USA
  • Travel with your wheel: We provide discounted shipping labels so you can have your wheel wherever you go
  • Support the community: We give back to local riding groups and events throughout the US
  • Support the makers: We work in-depth with manufacturers and makers to beta test, capture feedback, improve their products, and build their brands
  • Elevate the industry as a whole: We make exciting content, engage with media, and host pop-ups all in the name of pushing the EUC movement forward

Entry Level / Compact EUCs

Gotway MTen3 10"
InMotion V5F 14"
Gotway MCM5 v2 14"
InMotion V8 / V8F 16"

Larger / High Powered EUCs

InMotion V10F 16"
King Song 16X / 16XS 16"
Gotway Nikola Plus 16"
King Song 18XL 18"
NEW: InMotion V11 18"
NEW: King Song S18 18"
Gotway MSuper Pro 19"
NEW: Gotway RS 19"
NEW: Gotway EX 20"
NEW: Gotway Monster Pro 24"
Gotway Monster v3 (Parts Only)

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How do they stack up? We’ve thrown some numbers at you, but of course there is much more to consider than raw specs alone.

Generally speaking, a stronger motor and bigger batteries = more safety, especially for heavier riders. However, there can be trade-offs that come with the highest performing electric unicycles such as much heavier weight. Acceleration response and braking distance are noticeably affected with the heavier EUCs and even more so with larger wheel diameters.

Luckily there are some great options today in the 16” 2000W range for those who want the high end performance and torque in a not-too-bulky package.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a lot of people that don’t need tons of range and high-speed performance who would rather have a more convenient and portable package with a smaller, lighter EUC. While they lose out on raw power, they do get to enjoy a vastly “punchier” and nuanced performance at slower speeds and much improved stopping distances.

Motor Power

Battery Size


Motor Power

Battery Size


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