Compact Power: Choosing Your First Electric Unicycle in 2024

The task of purchasing your first EUC can be tuff. I remember going through the paces and navigating through countless websites, blogs, YouTube videos, and everything we could absorb about purchasing and how to ride an electric unicycle. From eWheels to Electric Unicycles EUCO the Electric Unicycle Collective, there's myriad of websites full of information. To help simplify your first EUC purchase, we've created this guide.

This guide dives into our top picks for entry-level and compact models in 2024. These unicycles combine ease of use, efficient design, and thrilling performance for every type of rider.

King Song KS-16S - The Urban Explorer

Perfect for daily commutes and exploring cityscapes, the King Song KS-16S. The King Song KS-16S has an advertised range of 40 miles and 21.7 mph speed, with Bluetooth speakers to enjoy your favorite tracks on the go. Ideal for riders looking for a dependable daily partner. Check it out here.

InMotion V8F - The Balanced Commuter

The InMotion V8F excels in daily commuting with a balanced 20-25 mile range and 21.7 mph speed, coupled with customizable RGB lighting to match your style and mood. It's perfect for those who want a personal touch in a high-functioning package. Learn more here.

Begode MTen4 - The Compact Powerhouse

For quick errands or navigating crowded streets, the Begode MTen4's compact design and powerful 25 mph speed make it an excellent choice. Its small size allows for easy storage at home or work. Discover more here.

King Song KS-14D - The Feature-Rich Leisure Wheel

The KS-14D is tailored for leisurely rides through parks or along beach paths with comfort features like LED lights and Bluetooth speakers, enhancing every ride with a burst of fun and flair. Explore this model here.

InMotion V5F - The Beginner’s Choice 

InMotion V5F Electric Unicycle

The InMotion V5F is ideal for newcomers to EUCs, offering a safe and manageable 15 mph top speed with a lightweight frame for easy control and mastery. It’s the best pick for building confidence on wheels. More information here.


Our curated 2024 selection of entry-level and compact electric unicycles is designed to cater to a variety of urban adventurers. From efficient commuters to leisure seekers, we hope you find your perfect match and elevate your urban mobility experience.

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